2017 Expressions

Pinot Noir
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This set includes one magnum each of the 2017 vintage of Conifer, Block 14, and Σ (The Sum). These bottles are expertly sealed to maintain their integrity for 30 years. Alive with the vitality and bounty of a Willamette summer, Conifer opens with earthy aromas that give way to blood orange, Cherry ChapStick, and rose petal perfume, with a sappy red fruit finish. Block 14 soars across the palate like a hang glider. Boysenberry, black licorice, and wild rose aromas segue into maple sugar, dark rye, and golden beet flavors toward an everlasting finish. Expressing autumn, Σ (The Sum) leads with Gala apple, Japanese plum, gun powder, dirt, and garlic powder aromas. 60% whole-cluster fermentation creates tension that uncoils like a rattlesnake strike on a barely ripe cherry finish. These three wines proffer the mystical experience of traveling back in time through the Zena Crown universe.